Pickwick Lake and The Future of Fishing

May 17, 2016 Scott Cooke

Pickwick Lake Event: 

The fourth stop of the FLW Tour has come and gone but my burning urge to get back on the horse I just fell off of hasn’t seemed to subside.  Had a good time fishing with Zell Rowland and Chris Johnston.  If you have never heard or read about Zell he is an icon of the sport.  Chris is an up and comer who has made his mark on the FLW Series side.  As a rookie he was in 4th place for angler of the year.  I wish I could write about all the big fish I caught.  That would probably only require one dip of the feather quill in the ink and I would have plenty left to sign my name.  16 hours of fishing and only catching 2 short fish was a hard pill to swallow.  That is the beauty of the sport.  As many say a bad day fishing is better than a good day working.  So true.  So true.  Looking forward to the next event on Kentucky Lake.  No reason not to catch fish there…. (knock knock on my coffee table).

The future is in our youth: 

You know you’re getting old when you starting thinking about the future of the sport, or just wise in my case (lol).  I was fortunate enough to spend this past weekend as a boat captain for a youth state championship this past weekend.  I can’t tell you how gratifying it was to be able to help my team take 3rd place.  I wouldn’t have felt better if I had done it myself.  We all need to really think about how important it is try and share our love for the sport with others.  Especially those that have the desire.  It was really awesome to come to the weigh in and see the excitement in the kids’ eyes.  It didn’t matter if they caught 1 fish or 5 fish.  No complaining about the day.  Just a genuine excitement that resonated throughout the group.  It is such a blessing each time I take part in these events.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Cooke